Humanscale's Infinity light

Humanscale, the US ergonomics company, has introduced a new line of products including ‘Infinity’. This is a new high-performance, sustainable lighting solution is committed to innovation and technology. Its newest task light Infinity, boasts a sleek design alongside optimal usability and best of class light out-put, quality and distribution. The 2017 Red Dot winner for product design produces 1500-lux illumination whilst an intuitive dimmer control customises nine levels of light, and a passive infrared occupancy sensor conserves energy.

Humanscale believes that the modern workplace should be an active one, with frequent, spontaneous movement both for comfort and health. As the leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic tools for the workplace, the US company's products have always allowed people's work to adjust to them rather than the other way around.

Humanscale has the latest innovations in sit/stand desks to unique technology and lighting solutions and provides an opportunity to learn more about its commitment to making a positive impact on the earth with its sustainable products.




Adrian Jarvis, GM, FSI Middle East