The fact that facilities management in the Middle East is growing at a rapid pace with tough competition, Dussmann (Middle East) Gulf LLC have maintained an active presence in the market and continues to grow and meet the UAE’s path of progress. Operating fully integrated facilities management services in a number of facilities, Dussmann has been able to successfully penetrate into several sectors of the market such as healthcare, hospitality, commercial, aviation, financial or even pharmaceutical.

Having completed more than 10 years in the region, the company has certainly gained a lot of acceptance in the market, overcome challenges and a sound understanding of the sectors. Benjamin Wessendorf, Head of Soft Services and Mehiar Kodeih, Operation Manager talk to FM today about the company’s future plans, the new target sectors and the changing requirements of the market…

How does it feel to be completing more than 10 years of business in the UAE?

Wessendorf: We currently stand at over a 1,000 people operating across all aspects of the Integrated Facilities Management Service Delivery model in the UAE. In terms of the numbers and in terms of the services delivered, we feel that we are on track and growing our business and we are now looking forward to the next 10 even more exciting years in the UAE. The Dussmann Group, as a family owned company, has successfully been in the Services industry for 53 years and we understand how to gauge new markets and develop our business in these markets.

Kodeih: The UAE offers a unique advantage for IFM companies, in that it has a specific plan for growth and allows one to forecast and allocate resources in supporting that demographic evolution. We have maintained our active presence in the market and continue to build the ability, know-how and resilience (financially and strategically) to meet the UAE’s path of progress.

How well has the industry accepted Dussmann (Middle East) Gulf LLC?

Wessendorf: As everyone in the UAE FM industry knows, the market is tough and competitive with new FM companies emerging in the market. It becomes even more challenging as companies bid with an eye on the bottom line- which keeps getting thinner every year. Dussmann Service offers a different but time tested delivery model and we share with our clients our unique Sector Specific Models where quality and cost effective way of Service Delivery for each specific sector form part of our mission. Dussmann Gulf has been well received by our clients for its quality and thoroughness whilst at the same time deepening our commitment to deliver cost effective service delivery. We are supporting the clients to focus on their core business whilst we maintain recognizable and value added benefits. We have a model which has reached a level of stability and continuity in different sectors and industries.

What achievements are you most proud of in the company’s growth?

Kodeih: We are very proud of our sector specific service delivery model, for each sector of the market such as healthcare,hospitality, commercial, aviation, financial or even pharmaceutical. We operate fully Integrated FM services in a number of facilities. In the local market level, there are a considerable number of contracts in the UAE where we are utilizing one of Dussmann’s global pool of knowledge, across 16 countries where we continually innovate our service delivery model.

What challenges have you faced over the years – and how did you overcome them?

Wessendorf: Getting established is always challenging for most companies and in the UAE it is no different to any other country. The team has worked hard to establish a client base and promote the brand of Dussmann Service in the UAE and across the Middle East. The market 10 years ago was much different to today’s market and much more sophistication has been built in to the facilities, culminating in a complex FM scope of services. This has been the continuous challenge that Dussmann Gulf has had to face. In order to meet these challenges, we have brought in specialists from our existing operations in Germany and Italy to support our operation with latest technology and operational knowhow, thus helping us to increase our penetration in the region.

Tell us about some of the key projects that Dussmann has been managing over the years.

Kodeih: Without naming specific projects or clients, Dussmann Gulf had been successful in delivering services to a wide variety of the market segment over the years, mainly in commercial, aviation, telecommunication, industrial, financial, hospitality and healthcare industries. There is no job that is either too big or too small as we target to gain more business with passion to deliver better service.

Are there any new sectors that Dussmann has been targeting in the Middle East?

Kodeih: The latest sectors Dussmann Gulf has penetrated were the diplomatic and residential sectors where we had proven our added value in terms of technical, cleaning and security delivery model.

How are the UAE market’s demands and requirements changing?

Kodeih: The FM trend is moving towards Unique Selling Points and mobile interface technology. These parameters provide an FM company with another string to their bow in the discussions with a growing and sophisticated client base in the UAE. Dussmann Gulf is investing in multiple specializations and offers a number of USP’s and we are integrating these into our IFM model.

Wessendorf: The growth of mobile applications means that control of data is moving towards live feed. This means continuous live updates, immediate emergency reactive mode feedback and PPM delivery reporting from source. It adds a new function to the delivery and clients are clear on the actual value of services being provided. These applications are spreading across all of Dussmann services, providing logistics, interplant connectivity, data capture; call center response, reporting etc.… Over the last year we had introduced the Helpdesk in support of our customers on 24/7/365 basis where we provide 24x7 off site help from our Dussmann Gulf offices in Dubai.

What are the current trends and challenges in the regional FM market?

Wessendorf: The recent down turn in the global markets and the UAE has caused some concern to all FM companies as construction had slowed and new buildings did not readily become available for FM companies to grow their portfolio. However, we believe that trend has changed and is showing signs of a pickup. The government has still maintained its focus on the growth in the infrastructure, like healthcare, education and government facilities, so the trend for FM has been to realign their focus on these sectors.

What is Dussmann’s strategy for the coming years?

Kodeih: We will maintain our focus on the IFM model and expand that with new client base adding our individual services and USPs. We are currently licensed to provide FM services which take up only 3 of the 70+ services that Dussmann Service provides globally. So we have a lot to offer going forward. In the short term we have security services in Dubai and hope to expand on our licensing of security services into Abu Dhabi.

How do you see regional FM operations evolving over the next five years?

Wessendorf: Without doubt the number of facilities will continue to grow in the region, offering more challenging approach as the markets evolve and the clients “get smarter” when it comes to the FM service delivery. We believe that the more mature the FM Services gets the greater will be the opportunity. Adding more services to the IFM mix is increasing in the region, with FM companies adding specialty services, and the delivery model moves the digital age. Further, intelligent product services are increasingly embedded within FM service providers to establish more manageable costs for an effective and smarter approach. In many cases product manufacturers are partnering with the FM services to ensure that the evolving smart equipment’s matches the operator needs. In another FM business model, the FM providers gets engaged during the construction phase of a contract to ensure that the building and the equipment, once live in the market, falls under the perfect delivery model.

Kodeih: Regionally the FM market looks very promising in the next 5 years, regardless of the fact that this region is heavily dependent on oil price, the amazing building around still need to be looked after on all the FM aspects of the service delivery. In our opinion the FM future in region is bright.

Capital Plaza Towers

Dussmann Gulf LLC is delivering Total Facility Management services to Capital Plaza Towers since 1st August 2011. We walked the distance together with our client to maximize the efficiency of the facility. Dussmann Gulf was able to reduce energy costs by lowering consumption, and is now proud to announce a 10% direct cost reduction in 2016 on both Power and Water yearly bill.

CAPITAL PLAZA with a floor area of 260,000 m², is one of the most prestigious projects in Abu Dhabi. A premier quality mixed-use development in a prime location at the eastern end of the Corniche Street, adjacent to Sheikh Khalifa Energy complex and opposite to the Sheraton hotel. The Capital Plaza Development features a Hotel Tower, an Office Tower and three Residential Towers. The Dussmann Service Team is appointed to assist all tenants with its 24 hours’ helpdesk facility, a service provided 365 days a year.

In Capital Plaza Dussmann services are offered on three main categories, Technical Services, Soft Services and Energy Monitoring/Optimization. Technical Service being one of the integral tasks that they provide for the project including assurances and guarantees to keep the building up and running while protecting the long-term value of the client’s assets.

Specialist teams provide a wide range of Hard FM Services, adhering to current legislation and best practice as well as the international standards. Technical services for the Capital Plaza:

  • The Dussmann team is composed of four services being civil, electrical, mechanical HVAC and BMS; attending extensive Maintenance Request and Preventative Planned Maintenance.
  • In addition to the above Dussmann Service is managing its own appointed specialized subcontractors in order to deliver the maintenance of the specialized equipment by their respective suppliers to ensure the continuation of the warranties and the precise tweaks on the operating software of such equipment.
  • The CAFM system Dussmann Services utilizes in the Capital Plaza is state of the art helping the professional and trained team to respond 24/7 and 365 days to all requests and maintain through the communication skills the link between the technical, the soft team and the tenants.
  • Dussmann Service`s in house procurement team is to maintain a complete data base and complies with the policy of best market price, quick service and on time delivery to avoid any delay due to waiting for materials.

The fully integrated soft services delivery consists of the following services:

  • Façade cleaning service using BMU Maintenance Service and Rope Access
  • General cleaning services for all areas within the facility including:
  • Lobby Areas
  • Stairways, Elevators, Reception
  • Compactor Room, Exterior plaza, Sidewalks & Entrance
  • Car Parks
  • Mechanical and Electrical Rooms
  • Pools and Recreation Centres
  • Ablution areas and Prayer rooms

Dussmann Service is offering cleaning services for private households as well, on demand which is well appreciated by the tenants. A beneficial result of the synergies which are created through the expertise of the highly trained personnel deployed.

In addition to the above, security services are carried out through a trusted partner and include a total scope from CCTV to Guard Services with total manpower strength of 30 skilled guards covering 24/7 operations.

Further Services provided are:

  • Landscaping and Irrigation Services
  • Pest Control
  • Waste Management
  • Live Guard Services


Dussmann Service overall sustainable approach through the Dussmann EcoSystem is evident in all services lines:

In the MEP service’s Dussmann Service strongly emphasizes on energy management including monitoring and reduction of resources by implementing latest technology and participating in programs such as earth hours. In the cleaning service ultra-high concentrated and pre-dosed cleaning chemicals produced in Germany are used. They are harmless to visitors, staff and surfaces. Machineries are utilized while delivering the same efficiency, and microfiber produced as per Nordic swan requirements. The overall approach is linked to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System









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