How can one achieve energy-efficient lighting in a facility?

Lighting is necessary for visibility of objects in dark places or situations. Efficiency refers to how well the light is produced for a given input power. Here are few tips onhow one can achieve energy-efficient lighting in a facility.

Use of Professional: 

Employ a lighting designer or at least someone who truly understands all aspects of how to create both an efficient and effective lighting scheme, not just install and load. There are many guides and regulations (i.e. LEED) that can be followed but to create a space that is efficiently illuminated, and more importantly, successful, and experts really to know how space is expected to be utilised – only then can they begin to select the most suitable lighting fixtures. Many spaces are unnecessarily over illuminated and that just consumes more energy.

Pick brands that you trust:

Choose a brand that you know and trust because only then can you be confident that what you’re buying is going to perform as needed. Many products in the marketplace promise a particular performance but in reality, they fall short – in some cases publishing false data or using inefficient optics that just don’t focus the light to where we need it. Don’t just look at swapping luminaires like-for-like. The best energy savings come with careful consideration of what is being illuminated. The planning and conceptualisation of light is more important than choosing a luminaire.

Not all good luminaires are expensive

Again, it’s about choosing the right luminaire for the right job. But never ever believe what manufacturers say in terms of efficiency, CRI, and CCT. Challenge and check the information to ensure you really are getting what you’re paying for. Consider installing a lighting control system. This doesn’t always need to be a top-of-the-range complex platform but it should have features that can provide maximise a genuine cost-benefit such as occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting or scene-setting for when space is being used for different needs.

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