Emaar's Approach to Landscaping Design

Landscapes in Emaar’s communities are unique open spaces, parks and streetscapes with the highest standards of functionality, aesthetics, safety and sustainability, achieved by integrating innovative technologies with the best practices in design, construction, operations and maintenance. 

The principles guiding the landscape design and development at Emaar Communities are:  
  • Build and maintain sustainable and viable community landscapes. 
  • Conserve the environment from the impact of landscape construction and management. 
  • Use a Collaborative and ethical approach to landscape design and management among stakeholders. 
  • Integrity in leadership, research and innovation in landscape. 
  • Promote and enhance human health, and the well-being of Emaar communities.
Emaar employs a landscape development zoning strategy that structures landscape areas into a hierarchy of four design improvement intensity areas or Landscape Design Intensity (LDI) Levels.  
Critical open spaces that are focal points and destinations are zoned as the Highest Intensity areas due to their prominence in terms of the required inherent details and service. 
Conversely, buffer zones and utility plots are classified as Simple Intensity zones. 
High Intensity zones will translate into greater costs per unit area as such improvements may include significant water features, fine detailing and comparatively elaborate landscape structures. Low Intensity areas may include minimal plants and little or no paving. 
The staged hierarchy approach provides a practical method to efficiently distribute associated improvement, design and operational costs.  Further, it provides opportunities to create distinctions between various landscaped areas within developments.
Emaar has its own Design Guidelines that details the following elements:
  1. Planning;
  2. Soft Landscape Guidelines including sections on General Approach, Plant Material Selection, Setbacks, Spacing and Planting Pit Requirement;
  3. Soil and Water Guidelines;
  4. Hard Landscape Guidelines including sections on Material Selection, Paving Material, Shade Structures, Street Furniture, Playground Areas, Litter Bins, Bicycle Stands, Amenities and Bollards;
  5. Landscape Lighting Guidelines.
Moreover, Emaar has a comprehensive list of plants suitable for the UAE that includes Salinity Tolerant plants and indigenous species, propagated at local nurseries. It is a crucial aspect in considering the plant density and function.
(The author, Mohammed Al Jayyousi is the Senior Manager, Landscape, Landscaping & Horticulture,
Emaar Properties)





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