In 2011, Enova was awarded a contract to provide technical and specialised facilities management (FM) services at Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates. The scope covers air navigation services (CNS), airfield civil and ground lighting systems, and other airport-related systems, such as flight information display systems (FIDS), baggage handling systems (BHS), passengers loading bridges (PLB), etc. The contract also includes facilities management (FM), and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services for all other buildings on the airport premises.
Additionally, the FM provider has suggested a variety of energy performance management components over the years, designed to provide cost savings and reduced energy consumption amongst Sharjah International Airport’s facilities. In this case study, Enova shares the impact on both the facility’s environmental footprint and its passengers’ safety and comfort, as a result of the services rendered by Building Energy Efficiency Services (BEES).


Contract timeline: 2011 – 2021


Sharjah International Airport believes in building bridges on the ground and in the air. As such, it has an open sky policy, which allows airline traffic from all over the world hassle-free access to the airport. SIA appreciates the need to be flexible to meet its customers’ needs. The quest for ways to improve is continual by means of heavy investments in infrastructure, quality of services, and professional training – all aimed at ensuring the comfort, security, and safety of the airport’s clients. It is by sharing these common objectives and through the integration of human resources and systems that Enova supports Sharjah International Airport in reaching and exceeding its goals, every day.

Enova’s solution: Building Energy Efficiency Services
(BEES) – Reliability.

Enova offers project management and technical services to Sharjah International Airport. The scope of the project includes the implementation and continuous improvement of operations procedures in compliance with ICAO and GCAA recommendations and requirements. The full technical services cover civil services, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) solutions, and specialized airports operation systems.

Provided specialized airport operations systems include:

• Radars & displays, ATC Control Towers
• Voice Communication Control Systems & Recorders
• Navigational Aids & Radio Communication Systems
• Meteorological Equipment & Systems
• IT Systems
• Airfield Ground Lighting & Guidance Systems
• Departure Control Systems
• Security & Surveillance Systems
• Public Address & Information Systems
• Access Control Systems
• Baggage Handling Systems
• Passenger Loading Bridges & Associated Equipment
• Visual Guidance Docking System
• Airfield Civil Works & Vegetation System
• Airfield Marking & Signage
• Document controls to ensure Aerodrome GCAA compliance

The benefits for Sharjah International Airport:

• Equipment reliability
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Integrated asset management
• Maximize in-house employees’ potential
• Focus on core activities
• Maximize safety and comfort of end users

Impact of BEES:

• Meter mapping resulting in a correction of circa AED 8m, per year
• Chiller system replacements and operation resulting in dramatic savings of more than half the yearly consumption (circa 3m to 1m)
• Identification of other ECMs with significant savings currently under discussion

Conclusion:Sharjah International Airport passenger numbers reached 11.36M with an increase of 327,000 passengers compared to last year.

“Enova is committed to providing the utmost efficiency and efficacy to airports, as well as a highly comfortable and safe environment to the passengers in the region. Airports represent a critical environment in which safety and smooth operations are paramount for success. Our goal is to ensure that airports receive the necessary care to provide both throughout the entire passenger journey. We have been operating Sharjah International Airport since 2011 and are proud of our fruitful collaboration with the Sharjah airport management team,” said Anne Le Guennec, Chief Executive Officer of Enova.

“With the support of Enova, Sharjah International Airport has been exceeding its goal to provide supreme comfort, security, and safety to global travellers. Enova has been a reliable and innovative partner since 2011, bringing its regional expertise in project management and technical support. The travel industry is booming and passenger numbers are increasing every day. Maintaining our excellent reputation of a superior passenger experience with hassle-free and speedy procedures is our top priority – and Enova is the ideal partner in achieving and maintaining this position,” said His Excellency Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Airport Authority.





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