Early involvement of facilities management in project life cycle

By Shadi Kutaich

Emaar Properties has proven to be one of the pioneers in the region in adapting to business needs with agility and efficiency. Emaar follows a holistic approach for Facilities Management (FM) and proactively engages in the project life cycle right from the conceptual stage, with critical design review and feedback during project design phase and construction. This contributes to the effective transfer of assets to operations following a systematic transition process until the operator takes control.

FM’s early involvement in the project’s life cycle focuses on the following key areas:

1. Pre-concept to Concept Design
2. Schematic Design
3. Detailed Design
4. During Construction
5. Transition and Handover

The early engagement in the design development of projects, which involves reviewing project design following the various stages of design development, plays a big role in reducing the need for major repairs and alternations that could occur during the operational phase.                         

FM review plays a vital role in guiding a project designer from the initial massing of the project to developing the basis of the design and the methodologies adopted to deliver the services required to the satisfaction of facilities management addressing all perspectives including accessibility, maintainability, durability, reliability and sustainability.

Collaboratively, FM review develops and produces design briefs and guidelines that set a benchmark and are being adopted across several diversified projects of Emaar. These design briefs aim to highlight the recommended set-ups and configurations to facilitate feasibly operable assets as per best practices and international standards and codes that are aligned with the UAE’s vision for the worldwide recognized developments.

During construction, FM oversees the progress of the project and gives feedbacks on all technical submissions. When it comes to handover, an in-house team is dedicated to pilot the operations team and follows a systematic transition process that takes into consideration the best interests of the various stakeholders involved in the project’s transition. FM’s tailor-made handover process ensures that a seamless transition is assured in the transfer of ownership of the premises and assets from construction until its operation.

FM is involved in many project transition activities and prepares the ground team well in advance with the required knowledge transfer activities, conducting classroom and on-the-job trainings, O&M manuals review, and an opportunity for end-user to comment along with detailed condition surveys for spaces and systems. The involvement of FM during construction stage and managing the transition and handover process has opened doors to an effective project management system, which is now applied to international projects of Emaar.

FM’s early involvement in the project’s life cycle from conceptual stage to final handover avoids impractical setups, introduces various energy saving models, eliminates expensive modifications that disturb business continuity, enhances the customer experience and satisfaction, and increases the efficiency of Emaar’s real estate assets. 

(The author, Shadi Kutaich is the Director, Facilities Management, Emaar Properties)








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