In 2016, Emaar Facilities Management team implemented a new maintenance approach that focuses on improving the energy efficiency of the equipment as well as strengthen reliability. Energy Centered Maintenance (ECM) is a predictive maintenance approach that focuses on measuring the operational parameters of the machine on a continuous basis to identify any changes in the machine behavior. Accordingly, energy-related maintenance tasks are conducted to maintain the operational parameters of the equipment and its efficiency.

ECM Model uses any excess energy consumption or energy waste as the primary criterion for determining specific maintenance or repair needs. Lack of maintenance tasks affects the measurement of the operational efficiency of the equipment such as motor power consumption and equipment effectiveness. ECM along with Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) aim to improve equipment reliability and energy efficiency across Emaar assets.

Emaar’s FM team has applied ECM at The Dubai Mall on all energy critical equipment to extend its life, maintain its efficiency, prevent excess energy use, reduce energy waste, and improve equipment reliability. ECM provides the basis for identifying multiple low or no cost operation and maintenance practices that reduce the use of energy. It works on the concept of returning the equipment to its original operational parameters (as originally commissioned). This results in improving its energy efficiency and reducing energy use. Practical maintenance activities and measures that require very minimal cost or that may not require any investment can be useful measures of the energy centered maintenance program and the Operation and Maintenance regime.

After the model was implemented along with RCM, both equipment reliability and energy efficiency have enhanced while demand for preventive maintenance has reduced. (Some preventive maintenance frequencies have dropped from monthly to quarterly while equipment reliability and efficiency remained stable). Our energy-centered maintenance model has resulted in reducing the manpower cost by up to 20%, and the machine’s energy consumption by 5-7%.

When equipment is properly maintained its efficiency remains high, and its operating performance is acceptable across its lifespan thereby minimizing the risk of any deficiencies that could increase the energy consumption of the building.

The Energy Centered Maintenance Model is a process-based methodology used to analyze and continuously improve assets, equipment maintenance and energy efficiency. It ensures that informed energy efficiency measures are combined with the maintenance model, which significantly impacts the energy efficiency of the equipment, enhances its reliability and uptime, and prolongs its life, in a cost-effective maintenance model.

(The Author is Fadi Al Shakhshir, Director Strategy and Compliance, Corporate Facilities Management, Emaar Properties)




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