Emaar FM Performance Measurement process is used to determine the service provider’s competency and commitment to providing value-added service consistent with Corporate FM strategies and Emaar’s asset strategy. This includes the ability to provide safe and environment-friendly services, as well as the best value to Emaar and its customers. The performance decision for each service provider is measured through SMART Key Performance Indicators that reviewed on a regular basis and upon completion of services to ensure that the service provider’s performance remains high.

Depending on the service category and the type of asset at which the services are offered, different performance measurement tools are used to evaluate the service provider’s performance. In this article, the focus of discussion is the Performance Rating System (PRS), which is used to measure the performance of Hard, Soft and Integrated facilities management services.

The PRS uses different performance measurement tools that are measured on a monthly basis to validate the performance of the service provider in a manner that supports performance management and the monthly invoicing process.


• Service Level Agreements:

General SLAs: General SLAs cover all the Corporate level SLAs. These SLAs set the level of competencies, commitment, and compliance to Corporate FM strategy across all Emaar sites.

Service Based SLAs: Service Based SLAs are performance based service level agreements that monitor and evaluate the service provider’s performance in delivering FM services to the expected level, quality, and timeframe.

• Output Performance Measurements (OPM):

OPM is used to measure SP performance with respect to the technical part of the services. OPMs focus on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of maintenance activities, productivity, the reliability of the equipment, and compliance with regulatory requirements, etc. Emaar FM output performance measurements are hierarchical and integrated. Each performance measure provides information that, if acted upon, produces real improvements in facilities management practices and standards.

• The Output Performance Measurement is categorized into two - main categories and a secondary category.

The Main Categories are inclusive of:
 Equipment Measurements
 Cost Measurements
 Process Measurements
 The Secondary Category is inclusive of:
 Regulatory Compliance

• Joint Quality Audits (QA)

QAs are conducted jointly by Emaar and SP representatives. The aim of the joint audits is to assess the performance of services from both perspectives and to identify deficiencies or areas for improvement. These audits must be scheduled in advance at a particular time.

Performance measurement’s tools assist the FM team in defining and measuring the Service Provider’s competence, compliance, and commitment in delivering value-added services consistent with Corporate Facilities Management Strategies. Performance Management takes great care to ensure Emaar chooses the right service provider capable of delivering FM services to a level that meets Emaar’s expectations of quality and delivery time.

(The Author, Fadi Al Shakhshir is the Director Strategy and Compliance, Corporates Facilities Management, Emaar Properties)




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