Tabreed integrates big data tech to improve operational performance

National Central Cooling Company (Tabreed) becomes the first district cooling company to integrate data-based operational intelligence software across its network of district cooling plants to monitor, analyse, and improve overall plant performance and reliability.
Created by OSIsoft, the PI System will collect, analyse, visualise and share the large amount of data produced by Tabreed’s network of plants. Jean-Francois Chartrain, chief operating officer, Tabreed, said, “The PI System gives us real-time insight into our systems, which plays a key role in enhancing customer satisfaction and our services provided to them. This kind of immediate application of such world-class Technology is the cornerstone of digital transformation and we hope to leverage technology like the PI System to predict equipment malfunctions and proactively enhance our operations. Data analytics solutions will increase our ability to deliver affordable and reliable chilled water to our customers.”
Tabreed now tracks approximately 30,000 data streams or ‘tags’, monitoring metrics such as real-time and historic power consumption, cooling energy production and equipment status. Employees also use PI Vision, OSIsoft’s visualisation tool, to create dashboards which present data with greater clarity and across multiple devices.
OSIsoft’s PI System transforms the vast number of operational data streams from sensors, industrial equipment and other devices into rich, real-time insights to help save money, increase productivity and make better decisions. Worldwide, over two billion sensor-based data streams are managed by the PI System.
In facilities, the PI System is used to manage power consumption for over 135 million square feet of building space at leading universities, research hospitals, data centers, national laboratories, stadiums, government centers and corporate campuses. The PI System is also used to optimise district heating networks across France.
“We’re incredibly excited to be working with Tabreed, which has been a regional leader in demonstrating the power of district cooling,” said J. Patrick Kennedy, founder and CEO of OSIsoft. “Data is the one commodity in the world that gets more valuable the more people use it. In Tabreed’s case, digital transformation can help improve the company’s performance, enhance the comfort of its customers and ultimately benefit the greater community. We look forward to seeing what they accomplish.”




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