Powerboss Nautilus Scrubber Sweeper By Albariq Equipment

PowerBoss Nautilus Scrubber Sweeper features of a huge solution/recovery tank of 105 galllons each, which provides longer cleaning time without interruption. It has an area coverage of more than 15,200 sq.mt cleaned/hr. Besides, Nautilus is the only scrubber of its kind having all the bottom parts - which comes in direct contact with water/solution made of heavy duty stainless steel. This makes the machine cost effective to maintain as there are no rusting bottom parts.

The state-of-the-art stainless steel quick view squeegee assembly that can be lifted up during maintenance as well as for transporting purposes is also an excellent feature. The powerful dual Eaton hydraulic motors turn the two 45” cylindrical brushes at 425 rpm, with a variable down pressure of 200, 300 or 400 lbs - which can be easily set by the operator over a selector switch. Another highlight of Nautilus is the powerful vacuum system, having a 11,500 CFM vacuum to dry the floor completely after scrubbing. 



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Adrian Jarvis, Director, FSI Middle East