Taski Swingobot 2000 By Diversey

The new TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 robotic scrubber drier integrates all the intelli-features that the TASKI traditional range offers. The robot is equipped with the latest telemetry system on-board to ensure the software communicates continuously with the various sonars, laser and other sensors. This helps the robotic scrubber drier to navigate safely within the facilities.

The SWINGOBOT 2000 has intelligent programming working on a ‘self-drive’ mode, which means it does its cleaning job without human intervention. It has spinning brushes to reach tight corners, and these can be used for mopping, sterilisation and vacuuming. Also, various safety features are installed (hardware and/or software) to ensure that the cleaning robot works safely in all kind of environments. The Intelli-Trak telemetry system also ensures that all data is stored safely in both machine and servers. 



Meeting the FM technology requirements in KSA

Adrian Jarvis, Director, FSI Middle East