Spotlight on the role AI and IoT plays in FM

 In a webinar hosted recently by FM EXPO, titled ‘Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence - The gateway to the future of FM’, Suhas Inamdar, Wasl Properties Head of Technical Support & Planning, Asset Management Services and Solutions sheds light on the technology trend reshaping the function of FM as we know it. 

Suhas first described the evolution of Facilities Management - from basic services in the 80s which covered general building maintenance, to today’s all-encompassing management approach, putting it at the centre of city development.
Looking specifically at technology trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Suhas’ presentation paints a realistic picture of smart cities and the role of Facilities Management in running them.

He comments, “Simply, a smart city is made up of buildings which need minimal human intervention, they run off self-driven operations, made up of elements such as data analysis and alarms, which all lead to automated decision-making features.”
“Facilities Management has the capability to encompass this entire operation, and with new technologies this industry is the gateway to achieving the safer, smarter, and more efficient cities we hope for in the future.”

Running through some key examples of IoT currently implemented in Wasl Properties in Dubai, Suhas lists parking violation monitoring, solar panels cleaning which is scheduled based on power generation, early fire detection through cameras to avoid losses, and identifying water leakage in DEWA pipelines by monitoring sewage.



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