Knowcross launches facilities-management app


Knowcross released a facility-management application, Know Tenant. Designed for any size property, Know Tenant organises, tracks, schedules and manages work orders for facility, asset and property-management teams to take action on requests at vacation rentals, timeshares or commercial office complexes. 

Tenants can log in requests, maintenance jobs and complaints directly to the facility’s service-management teams through any mobile device. Know Tenant’s intuitive job console provides real-time alerts, tracking and escalation notifications while on the move, all routed through one central help desk, allowing property managers to record the entire process and investigation of the tenant’s needs. This enables the service requests to be closed in a swift and timely manner while improving staff productivity and individual accountability. 

“There is no doubt the management and maintenance of facilities are becoming more strategically important, more highly valued and more open to innovation than ever before,” Knowcross founder/CEO Nikhil Nath said in a statement. “With Know Tenant, operators can streamline maintenance operations, manage schedules, monitor costs and keep accurate records. Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device. The app reduces repetitive and time-consuming tasks, which ultimately increases productivity, responsiveness and lowers costs associated with manual efforts. It is a win-win for operators and their renters.”



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