Eltizam boosts employees’ growth through enrolment at Swiss Business School’s MBA & INSEAD Business School Executive Programs


Eltizam Asset Management Group, a leading physical asset management company in the Middle East, has revealed that it has secured places for six of its employees at the Swiss Business School’s globally recognised Master of Business Administration (MBA) program to enhance their soft, technical and leadership skills.

Additionally, the company announced a further 52 members of staff have participated in INSEAD courses as part of its recently deployed Training Academy and senior management members are taking part in specific INSEAD training courses in France and Singapore. These intensive and comprehensive courses reaffirm Eltizam’s commitment to invest in people and ensure they are at the forefront of their area of expertise. The INSEAD courses for senior management will equip them with new skills and practical knowledge that can be implemented to devise strategic ideas into action – ultimately enhancing the business.

Identified as an essential element to focus on the development of its people and processes, and in line with the company’s Business Transformation Program Vision 21, the Academy has been established to serve all Eltizam employees, over 2000, through the provision of education and workshops to further develop the knowledge, skills and performance of all departments within the organisation.

Chris Roberts, CEO, Eltizam Asset Management Group, said, “In little more than a decade, the Swiss Business School MBA has grown in stature to become one of the best one-year programs worldwide. We are determined to always provide support to our staff members and present them with opportunities that will facilitate professional development. This reaffirms our commitment to transition from a Growth Company to a Customer Company as part of Vision 21 while empowering our valued employees with the skillsets to be leading professionals in the industry. The MBA program at Swiss Business School and our Training Academy provide two unique and effective platforms that will enable our staff to further develop and have a long and successful career in the industry. We look forward to their individual and collective success in the years ahead.”

The INSEAD specific programs that members of Eltizam’s senior management are taking part in include: Competitive Strategy; Finance for Executives; INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy; Leading Across Borders and Cultures; Strategy Execution; Leading the Effective Sales Force; Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation; High Impact Leadership Program; Competitive Strategy; Management Acceleration Program (Mini MBA ; Learning to lead; Powering Growth in France – some of these courses have already been complete while rest will be undertaken until 2020). INSEAD’s online courses that the employees participated in included leadership communication with impact, business strategy and financial performance, emerging leaders in a digital age, and leading organisations in disruptive times (LODT); benefitting numerous managers, technical and administration staff, lifeguards, supervisors, team leaders, call center staff and the finance team.



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