Fila’s Surface Care

The Middle East branch of FILA Surface Care Solutions has launched Filamarble Aid, a new acid and stain-resistant protective treatment for marble and natural stone surfaces. The new Filamarble Aid is an odourless, solvent-free treatment that protects against the damaging effects of acids, alkaline cleaners and stains. It creates a naturallook polished barrier for stone, marble, limestone and travertine that won’t yellow, discolour or create an ‘acrylic’ look. 

Due to the inherent qualities of marble, numerous projects make use of it for both indoors and outdoors areas, yet so far there has been no effective protection against acidic substances or stains, which has sometimes had disastrous consequences. Filamarble Aid does not alter the stone and leaves its surface intact. Its safe, water-based formulation has a low VOC content and forms a barrier against stones thanks to its micro-coating technology. It can be used on both new and pre-treated materials, including outdoor surfaces, as it is resistant to UV rays and thermal shocks. The new treatment is ideal for all bathroom and kitchen surfaces, matte and polished alike, and is certified safe for food preparation areas.



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