Hormann’s fire and smoke tight sliding doors

Hormann has launched new fire and smoke-tight sliding doors that come with the option of wicket door without threshold rail. These are available as single and double leaf versions or as single-leaf telescope sliding doors. Smoke-tight sliding doors additionally feature 4-sided all-round seals. Wicket doors without threshold rails provide more convenience and safety. For fast passage of pedestrians, hand trucks or smaller trolleys, fire sliding doors with wicket/escape door are suitable. These doors are well-suited for all areas with high personnel frequency, where, in the case of fire, people must be protected from the spread of life-threatening fumes. Hormann is the only manufacturer with licensed trip-free wicket doors for smoke-tight sliding doors. Opening the wicket door in both directions is possible, depending on the rescue route planning. It can be variably fitted to either open into the reveal or away from it. Furthermore, two wicket doors per door leaf are possible, opening in opposite directions, as well as glazing in the door set. Providing slim overall construction, with a depth of only 132 mm, for special requirements a sliding door, including wicket door, can be produced with the Pearlgrain surface.



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